Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - All weapon unlocks


Assault Rifles
AEK-971 VINTOVKA - Assault Kit. Default unlocked.
XM8 PROTOTYPE - Assault Kit. 3000 Assault Score to unlock.
F2000 ASSAULT - Assault Kit. 8000 Assault Score to unlock.
STG.77 AUG - Assault Kit. 20000 Assault Score to unlock.
AN-94 ABAKAN - Assault Kit. 28000 Assault Score to unlock.
M416 - Assault Kit. 35000 Assault Score to unlock.
M16A2 - Assault Kit. 47000 Assault Score to unlock.
M14 - All Kits. Rank 21 to Unlock.
G3 - All Kits. Rank 26 to unlock.
WWII M1 Garand - All Kits. Battlefield Veteran to unlock.

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)
9A-91 AVTOMAT - Engineer Kit. Default unlock.
SCAR-L CARBINE - Engineer Kit. 2500 Engineer Score to unlock.
XM8 COMPACT - Engineer Kit. 6500 Engineer Score to unlock.
AKS-74U KRINKOV - Engineer Kit. 16000 Engineer Score to unlock.
UZI - Engineer Kit. 26000 Engineer Score to unlock.
PP-2000 AVTOMAT - Engineer Kit. 32000 Engineer Score to unlock.
UMP-45 - Engineer Kit. 43000 Engineer Score to unlock.
WWII M1A1 THOMPSON - All Kits. Code or rank 10 to unlock.

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)
PKM LMG - Medic Kit. Default unlocked.
M249 SAW - Medic Kit. 3300 Medic Score to unlock.
TYPE 88 LMG - Medic Kit. 8600 Medic Score to unlock.
M60 LMG - Medic Kit. 25000 Medic Score to unlock.
XM8 LMG - Medic Kit. 34000 Medic Score to unlock.
MG36 - Medic Kit. 42000 Medic Score to unlock.
MG3 - Medic Kit. 52000 Medic Score to unlock.

Sniper Rifles
M24 SNIPER - Recon Kit. Default unlock.
TYPE 88 SNIPER - Recon Kit. 2200 Recon Score to unlock.
SV98 SNAIPERSKAYA - Recon Kit. 6000 Recon Score to unlock.
SVU SNAIPERSKAYA SHORT - Recon Kit. 15000 Recon Score to unlock.
GOL SNIPER MAGNUM - Recon Kit. 21000 Recon Score to unlock.
VSS SNAIPERSKAYA SPECIAL - Recon Kit. 26000 Recon Score to unlock.
M95 SNIPER - Recon Kit. 34000 Recon Score to unlock.

M9 Pistol - All Kits. Default unlock.
WWII M1911 .45 - All Kits. Limited Edition Code to unlock or level 4.
MP-443 GRACH - All Kits. Rank 3 to unlock.
MP-412 REX - All Kits. Rank 12 to unlock.
TRACER DART GUN - All Kits. Unlocked with special code.
M93R BURST - All Kits. Rank 13 To unlock.

870 COMBAT - All Kits. Default unlock.
SAIGA 20K SEMI - All Kits. Rank 2 to unlock.
SPAS-12 COMBAT - All Kits. Rank 20 to unlock.
USAS-12 AUTO - All Kits. Rank 22 to unlock.
NEO STEAD 2000 COMBAT - All Kits. Rank 23 to unlock.
40MM Shotgun -Assault Kit. 11000 Assault Score to unlock.

Grenade Launchers and Anti-Tank Weapons
40MM Grenade Launcher - Assault Kit. Default unlock.
40MM Smoke Launcher - Assault Kit. 5500 Assault Score to unlock.
RPG-7 AT - Engineer Kit. Default unlock.
M2 CARL GUSTAV AT - Engineer Kit. 8700 Engineer Score to unlock.
M136 AT4 - Engineer Kit. 19000 Engineer Score to unlock.

Anti Tank Mine - Engineer Kit. 4400 Engineer Score to unlock.
C4 Explosive - Recon Kit. Default unlock.
Hand Frag Grenade - All Kits. Default unlock.

And that's the Bad Company 2 multiplayer weapon unlock breakdown.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Stories 1 - 2 [HD] Trailer


Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Squad Stories 1


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Server Update (2010-03-07)


After optimizations and restarts yesterday, we had been stable across all platforms. Unfortunately, we encountered another outage at approximately 9:30 AM PST today.

- X360 was severely impacted, and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely.
- PC had an outage, but the service is offline currently and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely. We will then start checking the quality of the customer experience to determine possible next steps.
- PS3 appeared to have a brief outage, but has quickly recovered and the services is functioning properly at this time.

All teams are actively engaged in diagnosis and remediation. We are adding additional services to alleviate load. Despite having a major infrastructure in place, the peak traffic this weekend has been huge, 400% higher than any other Battlefield's peak simultaneous users. The teams will continue to monitor the services closely. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates on the latest developments as they are relevant.


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